Day #49: The whole morning at the police station in Budapeste

Today, we spent the whole morning at the police station in Budapest… And it wasn’t Edgar’s fault.

When we arrived in Budapeste, capital of Hungary, Thursday afternoon, day #48, we met my friend Gabor. He lives there but he worked at the hungarian department of China Radio International, in Beijing, for more than one year. Besides working for the same company, we were neighbors and played football together. In Budapeste, He didn’t have space to acommodate the five of us at his apartment, so he helped us to find a hostel near downtown, where he came to meet us.

We rested for a while and then got ready to go out to try the local food and beer. When I turned on the engine of our car – that was parked 50 meters from the hostel entrance – I realized the right front window was broken and the GPS was gone from the glove compartment. Lucas bought the GPS in Frankfurt right after renting our car last week. I called the guys to show them what had just happened but Lucas stayed inside sending emails. Edgar went back to the hostel and told him: “I have bad news for you”. He closed his computer with sadness in his eyes and stood up. “I already know”, he replied. “Nadal is not going to play the Olympics”. Edgar and Bruno started laughing and invited him to come to the car, where he understood he would have to buy a new GPS.

We let the car in a closed parking lot near the hostel and went out to have some local beers, as we planned. The next morning, we called the insurance company and the police. An officer came to check our documents and took us to the central police station. We stayed there more than three hours just to sign a paper because they didn’t have anyone that could speak English. The insurance company told us they would like to change our car in Wien, but we don’t want because all the stickers we put on it. Tomorrow, Saturday, we’ll try to fix the window in Wien and see what happens…

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