Day #38: Olympia, Greece

Monday, the 38th day of the trip, we took a five-hours bus from Athens to Pirgo, and another local bus to arrive in Olympia. It wasn’t on our way, but we had to visit it because it’s the birth place of the Olympics and the Olympic Spirit. It was really nice visiting the ruins of ancient Olympia, where they used to host games to worship Zeus, father of the Olympian gods, especially the stadium where 45.000 people could watch the competitions.

After that, we took another bus to Pirgo, the biggest city around there, and caught a night bus to Sarande, the most famous beach in Albania. While I was on the bus, five people started a huge argument in Greek because I tried to recline my seat a little bit. The old lady that was behind me didn’t like it and started yelling at me. The others joined the discussion for some reason and they spent 10 minutes yelling to each other around me. I didn’t understand anything and had to spend eight hours quietly and uncomfortably in that seat.

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