The last day of an incredible adventure

The Olympic Expedition 2012 is over…

These last 60 days were an incredible adventure that started in Beijing, China, and ended here in London, UK. We smashed barriers, played with our own luck, met interesting people in amazing places, crossed terrible roads and learned a little of both culture and language of each one of the 28 countries we crossed. We had to leave Thunder Love, our 2005 Santana, in China, but we didn’t give up and kept traveling on every available transportation to get to Croatia, were two friends joined us to arrive in London on time.

It was an amazing experience, the best trip of our lives, full of unique moments that are not going to be repeated ever again. The Olympic Spirit, represented by our torch made from plastic and paper, enchanted the people that we met on our way or the ones following us on the internet. But, after, so many adventures and laughs, it’s time to say goodbye, or better, just “see you soon”. The Olympic Expedition 2012 is over, but the Olympic Games are still very live here in London.

Who knows? Maybe we meet again en 2016 to bring the Olympic Spirit to Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil…

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