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Day #38: Olympia, Greece (photos)

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The best bread of Armenia

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Day #26: Tabriz-Yerevan

We visited Tabriz, Iran, in the morning. Tabriz Tabriz Then, we went to Noorduz, on the border with Armenia. We crossed to Armenia and spent eight hours to cross the mountains to get to Yerevan, the capital.

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Day #09: Preparing ‘Plan B’

We still don’t know if we going to be able to cross the border with the car. Meanwhile, we are preparing for a ‘Plan B’. Some of our things are going to be sent back to Beijing, some to Turkey and some are going with us.

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Two days to go… And the car is ready

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13 days to go…And the car just left the repair shop

The car that is going to take us to London just left the repair shop after an overhaul, where it received lots of new parts. Edgar went there to check on how the work was being done and to learn a little more about the mechanics of it. These are some of the parts that […]

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22 days to go…

  We almost have all of our visas. We can get Armenia’s at the border, but the Letter of Invitation for Turkmenistan was denied. I hope we can solve this without having to change our route.

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23 days…And we have almost everything we need…

We’ve got the car, maps, guides, tent and almost all of our visas (still missing Turkmenistan’s)… And now we have our uniforms. Don’t worry, we’ll be posting photos of everything here so you can see how hard is to organize a trip like this. Do you recognize this place?

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Meet our car, Thunder Love

We proudly present  Thunder Love, the Chinese white 2005 Santana that we are going to drive from Beijing to London. OK, we know we should have a 4WD car for this trip, but that is all we could afford on our budget. Thunder Love is now at the mechanic for inspection and repair. In three […]

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