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Photo Exhibition and Documentary Premiere

Save the date! Write it down and don’t forget to invite your friends!

The opening of the “Olympic Expedition 2012 Photo Exhibition” and premiere of the documentary “Highway to hell” is this Wednesday, November 21st, 7pm, at 4corners in Beijing.

If you cannot come to the opening, don’t worry. The exhibition is going to be at 4corners for one month.

4Corners: 27 Dashibei Hutong, (off Gulouxidajie), Xicheng district / 烟袋斜街北侧大石碑胡同27号

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Highway to hell… the ultimate video clip

On Youtube

On Youku

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The last day of an incredible adventure

The Olympic Expedition 2012 is over…

These last 60 days were an incredible adventure that started in Beijing, China, and ended here in London, UK. We smashed barriers, played with our own luck, met interesting people in amazing places, crossed terrible roads and learned a little of both culture and language of each one of the 28 countries we crossed. We had to leave Thunder Love, our 2005 Santana, in China, but we didn’t give up and kept traveling on every available transportation to get to Croatia, were two friends joined us to arrive in London on time.

It was an amazing experience, the best trip of our lives, full of unique moments that are not going to be repeated ever again. The Olympic Spirit, represented by our torch made from plastic and paper, enchanted the people that we met on our way or the ones following us on the internet. But, after, so many adventures and laughs, it’s time to say goodbye, or better, just “see you soon”. The Olympic Expedition 2012 is over, but the Olympic Games are still very live here in London.

Who knows? Maybe we meet again en 2016 to bring the Olympic Spirit to Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil…

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Olympic Expedition on ESPN Brasil

watch it here // Assista aqui

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Olympic Expedition on BBC Brasil

Only in portuguese…

Assista aqui // watch it here

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Day #59: The beginning of the end…

This afternoon, after taking part on a radio show, we said goodbye to the “Thunder Love II”, our van.

Bruno and Lucas left London to return the car in Frankfurt then take a flight to Brazil. Paulo and Edgar are going to Brazil tomorrow night, but first they are going to stop in Caracas, Venezuela, for couple days to visit our friend Carlito. Richard? Well… he is going to enjoy the Olympics while he decides where to go next and how to get there…

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Day #58: Brazil 3 x 1 Bielorrúsia (men’s football)

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Day #57: Finally, the Olympic Stadium in London

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London, here we are…

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Arriving in London

It’s 12pm and we are leaving Gatwick to go to London. We’ll be arriving there around 2pm. Thanks for being with us during the whole trip.

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Day #54: Amsterdam, Netherland

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We are almost there…

Since June 2, we’ve traveled more than 20.500 km, crossed 26 countries (some twice) and had a lot of fun with all the people we met. Now, we are in Brussels, Belgium, getting ready to cross the Eurotunnel and arrive in London Friday afternoon as close as possible to the Olympic Stadium.

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Day #54: In Amsterdam, Netherlands

After fixing the window of our car, we went from Prague to Wroclaw, in Poland, and then to Berlin, in Germany. Now, we are in Amstedan, Netherlands, enjoying the hospitality of my beautiful friend Lieke.

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Dia #53: Berlin, Germany

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Day #52: Wroclaw, Poland

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Day #51: Prague, Czech Republic

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Day #50: Vienna, Austria

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Day #50: Bratislava, Slovakia

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